On the Trail Crew

Chris Smead Producer/Director/Editor/Cinematographer


Chris, along with co-director Gordon "Gordy" Gurley spent 10 days on the trail following 5 long distance hikers and capturing their experience.  He and Gordy then spent an additional 8 days shooting interviews and B-roll to help convey the history of both the characters and the trail itself.  He's already begun the 6-7 month creative process of editing the film.

Gordon Gurley Co-Director/Cinematographer/Sound Engineer


Gordy has over 20 years of experience as a cinematographer, as well as decades of music recording experience. 

He was instrumental in capturing footage both on and off the trail, as well as mixing the film score composed by Tiny Lunatic.   He's also acting as a vital second set of eyes and consultant during the editing phase to ensure quality is high and the story is told in a way that is cohesive and engaging.

Post Production

Bruce Goodman - Colorist


Avid backpacker and professional colorist.  Bruce has worked on  countless Hollywood blockbuster films as well as documentaries like Mile, Mile and A Half.  Once the film editing is complete, Bruce will be color grading each shot to ensure the film has a professional and vibrant look that helps to convey the experience.

Bill Meadows - Rerecording Mixer


 Bill has 27 years of technical sound experience and has worked on everything from The Revenant, to Pitch Perfect, to The Fast and the Furious.   His skillset, coupled with years of backpacking experience are a perfect match for this project.  He'll be polishing the audio we captured in the field and turning it into a 5.1 surround mix that aims to immerse the viewer into the story.

Alex Knickerbocker - Sound Designer


 Alex has done it all. From recording sound for military aircraft,  desolate Arctic winds, to intimate details of moving cloth. He was  nominated twice for a Golden Reel Award for his work on the TV series Mr Robot, and We The Marines. His  talent for capturing the ambience and small details of sound will be leveraged to convey the story and help provide a seamless and natural link between picture and sound.

Jacen Spector - Graphic Artist / Marketing


 Jacen is a long time friend and collaborator, avid hiker, marketing  consultant, and artistic visionary.  His his graphical contributions are adding a stylized and professional look to the film and online media including the Highline logo.

Emma Massick - Social Media Strategist / Marketing


 Emma is an avid backpacker, social media strategist, outreach manager, and hardcore coffee drinker.  She's helping us formulate a marketing strategy that leverages social media and relationships to help us get the word out about the film.